7 Dollar Lives


What can you buy with seven dollars? Not much these days. But it’s enough to buy one mosquito net.
And one net can protect an entire family from Malaria, by far the biggest killer on the planet.

We imagined how many lives could be saved if people sold just a few things they didn’t need and donated the cash. Or how about everything they owned? We convinced one man, Patrick Edwards to do exactly that - in multiples of seven dollars.

The campaign was developed to share his mission as fast as possible, through only unpaid channels – every cent went to saving lives. We used Facebook and social media. Grass roots events and local sponsorships. And the story was quickly picked up by national papers and prime time news.

 Who could say no to someone giving away everything he has? Soon, Patrick had nothing left but an empty bank account and an empty house. 7Dollar Lives raised enough money to save over 21,000 people.

That’s 21,000 human beings, just like you and me.